Sunday, May 8, 2016


Been shuffling thru n fro this two days.. the corridor gas been touched up so nicely. Feels like I exited the lift at the wrong floor .. hee.

Well.. this is the nice part.. no drilling..  just can't walk thru when they set. Yay yay..

Next week I need to do some serious packing.

Yes, I mean reallll serious.. hurhurr

Thursday, May 5, 2016

The dust war is just about to begin

The home improvement programme has kicked in over at my estate.. and I'm number I don't know in it.. so just Tuesday.. they gave me the official letter.

ONE month notice before the internal works begin. Well..  they will notify us two weeks before the scheduled date. From what I'm following from the boards below.. they are so far on time on target.. boards are updated if there are delays. Kudos to that.. (I will walk pass the board daily to check) Haha. Even the block opposite me.. they are alr building the make shift toilets!!!

Now I must start shifting the living into the roomsc the kitchen cabinets empty.. yeah.

Welcome dust..

Just come

I wait U k?


Friday, December 11, 2015

Bye 2015...

It hasn't been gg smoothly. The whole year round.. one thing after another has passed. Yup. Its the past. I'm glad it's coming to an end..  a new year is coming. Brand fresh new year. .
I count my blessings and give thanks to ppl around me who have encouraged, pulled me up, pushed me on..

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

3rd June 2015 - bright skies, fun

I woke n grumbled.. cos im late. Need to go to sch to pick some documents as the Teacher had left out last week. N the admin told me impt need collect asap. End up nth but a portfolio n a lettrr saying xav was absent during the sch health check. Full stop.

I mumbled under my breath. I was hungry. Left hm without breakfast. The boys had bread. Shud hv joined them. Well. Forget it.

I decided doing something;  walking to northpoint from sch! N we did. We walked. Halfway thru.. dd slowed down. Haha guess he's tired. I googled its est 1.4km.. upon rchin northpoint they asked for their bottles! Lol. We settled at the foodcourt for brunch,  as soon as mm fell aslp, we hurrried to the library!  Dd borrowed a book titled my first words.. Xav borrowed a book on Singapore.  Yes. Again. First its Lee Kuan Yew. Nw all about Singapore.  Haha. Guess it just interests him so much.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

07012015 - sunshine that peeks

Photo blog. Blogger app crashed on me twice! 😣

Monday, January 5, 2015

5th Jan 2015 - second day of sch

The darn sch bus company has changed.
$50 -> $100, Nvm I pay. BUT morning picking Xav @ 625 instead of the usual 7-705am. N noon have to come home as all buses full.  Wth right? So 算了, I'll try to shuffle ard n try c hw n arrange my time to pick Xav thru n fro.

Last Fri, MrWee got bil to pick us n sent Xav to sch before we went for breakfast.

Tdy I left hm only @ 705, walked a lil faster thn usual n hopped onto the bus 804. We rched earlier thn expected n popped by fil place before walking to sch. Went for breakfast w bil n dasao, they picked me aft dropping the kids,n off to Chongpang. Fil joined us shortly ..

Bought some 烧肉叉烧.. simple lunch. Gg fry a veg or buy something else to match ltr.

Not easy. Busy like bee. Rch hm bathed Dd n Mm..  now both aslp n I just finished washing .. Gg snooze a lil before they wk n I hv to head out agn.