Monday, January 5, 2015

5th Jan 2015 - second day of sch

The darn sch bus company has changed.
$50 -> $100, Nvm I pay. BUT morning picking Xav @ 625 instead of the usual 7-705am. N noon have to come home as all buses full.  Wth right? So 算了, I'll try to shuffle ard n try c hw n arrange my time to pick Xav thru n fro.

Last Fri, MrWee got bil to pick us n sent Xav to sch before we went for breakfast.

Tdy I left hm only @ 705, walked a lil faster thn usual n hopped onto the bus 804. We rched earlier thn expected n popped by fil place before walking to sch. Went for breakfast w bil n dasao, they picked me aft dropping the kids,n off to Chongpang. Fil joined us shortly ..

Bought some 烧肉叉烧.. simple lunch. Gg fry a veg or buy something else to match ltr.

Not easy. Busy like bee. Rch hm bathed Dd n Mm..  now both aslp n I just finished washing .. Gg snooze a lil before they wk n I hv to head out agn.